2011 Statute Updates

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Below are links to the new language of the juvenile statutes that were amended in 2011. There are a few new statutes that related to expanded child abuse reporting requirements of colleges and universities. Also, there is a new basis for termination of parental rights – the rights of a father can be terminated if the child at issue was born of a rape. Also of note, 419B.100 was amended to remove the language related to spiritual healing and there appears to be an error – subsection 6 (jurisdiction of ICWA cases) was changed to subsection 5, but the exclusion language in subsection 1 still refers to subsection 6. The legislature also created a CASA taskforce to analyze the CASA program. All the changes are below along with the previous version of the statute.

419A.170 Appointment; duties; immunity; access to information; CASA Fund; rules.
Court Appointed Special Advocate Task Force. *New*
419A.250 Authority; segregation of records; access; when records may be kept with those of adults; destruction of records; missing children.
419A.305 Notice to school administrators concerning students subject to juvenile court petitions.
419B.005 Definitions.
419B.016 Offense of false report of child abuse. *NEW*
419B.021 Degree requirements for persons conducting investigation or making determination regarding child. *NEW*
419B.100 Jurisdiction; bases; Indian children.
419B.220 Appointment of surrogate.
419B.500 Termination of parental rights generally.
419B.510 Termination upon finding child conceived as result of rape. *NEW*
419B.529 Adoption after permanent commitment or surrender; procedure; certain fees prohibited.
419B.555 Hearing; notice to parent; duty to advise minor of liabilities of emancipated person; filing fee.
419B.818 Form of summons under ORS 419B.815.
419B.845 Restraining order when child abuse alleged.
419B.846 Service of restraining order.
419B.902 Service of subpoena.
419C.130 Youth or youth offender may not be detained where adults are detained; exceptions.
419C.220 Appointment of surrogate.
419C.446 Probation; requirements.
419C.459 Fines.
419C.470 Opportunities to fulfill obligations imposed by court.
419C.524 Notice and filing report prerequisite to defense; timing.
419C.529 Finding of serious mental condition; jurisdiction of Psychiatric Security Review Board; conditional release or commitment.
Plan for underserved regions


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