2012 Case Summaries

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Dept. of Human Services v. A.J.M. – Another judge failed to make the 419B.476 findings.
Dept of Human Services v. J.B.M. – There is a process to establish paternity, and unless followed, a man is not a legal father and therefore cannot be defaulted on a TPR petition and DHS cannot look to his family for placement.
Dept. of Human Services v. J.H. – The state failed to prove that the allegation that father “has not presented himself as a parenting resource and needs the assistance of [DHS] to establish a meaningful relationship with the child” was sufficient for jurisdiction.
Dept. of Human Services v. N.T. – When changing a plan from reunification to something else, the court cannot rely on facts that are unreasonably extrinsic from the allegations contained in the jurisdictional judgement.
Dept. of Human Services v. O.W. – Another judge failed to make the 419B.476 findings.
State ex rel Juv. Dept. v. S.J.P. – For a compensatory fine to be ordered, the state must prove that there was criminal activity, that there were economic damages and finally, that there is a causal relationship between the two. The cost of travel to trial is not an economic damage.


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