Attacking Reasonable Efforts – Assessment and Disposition

Every DHS case begins with notification to the agency by an individual that is concerned about the safety of a child.  If the case is not closed at screening, then the assessment process begins.  The assessment is started before any party steps into court, so it is important to determine if the agency has made […]

Attacking Reasonable Efforts – Visitation

As an attorney for either a parent or child it is important to evaluate a case to determine if DHS is making reasonable efforts to reunify the family. The importance of a no reasonable efforts finding has huge, positive, consequences for our clients.  First, it impacts the Title IV-E reimbursement funding for foster care which leads […]

LA Dependency Courts Now Open to Media

Earlier this month, Judge Michael Nash issued a blanketorder allowing the media access to all juvenile court proceedings in Los Angeles. This has caused quite a bit of controversy in the county. According to one reporter, he noted to On the Media, an attorney for children referred to her clients by numbers rather than by […]

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