Prescription meds for Foster Kids

On December 1, 2011 the GAO released a report of an investigation they did into 6 states – Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas – on the rates of psychotropic medication prescribed to foster kids in 2008 and state oversight of psychotropic prescriptions for foster kids through October 2011. Overall, the news is not […]

Psychological vs. Biological Family

The Oregonian reported today on a man who is the psychological father of three of his ex-girlfriend’s children. The mother relinquished her rights and, though he put himself forward as an adoptive resource, a cousin of the mother’s stepped forward and DHS designated the cousin as the adoptive placement. Now, due to recommendations of a […]

Washington Agrees to Overhaul Foster Care System

Washington State, after years of negotiation and law suits, has come to an agreement to overhaul the way children are treated in foster care. “The changes include safeguards protecting children from being shuffled from foster home to foster home, timely medical and mental-health screenings, and requirements that caseworkers visit every month. The settlement also requires […]

Foster Kids Win Suit Against DHS

A law suit, filed in 2009 against Clackamas County DHS workers was resolved this week. The case alleged that a brother and sister were terribly abused in foster care, and despite numerous reports to the hotline as well as by the children, DHS workers did nothing until the sister was taken by Life Flight to […]

Native Americans in Foster Care

NPR just started airing the results of a year long investigation on how states, particularly South Dakota, comply with ICWA. The results are startling. Native children are over-represented in the state’s foster care system and this is not a statistic for just South Dakota, but also across the nation. Oregon is ranked 18th in terms […]

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