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  • 419B.010 Duty of officials to report child abuse; exceptions; penalty
  • 419B.015 Report form and content; notice
  • 419B.016 Offense of false report of child abuse
  • 419B.017 Time limits for notification between law enforcement agencies and Department of Human Services; rules
  • 419B.020 Duty of department or law enforcement agency receiving report; investigation; notice to parents; physical examination; child’s consent; notice at conclusion of investigation
  • 419B.021 Degree requirements for persons conducting investigation or making determination regarding child
  • 419B.023 Duties of person conducting investigation under ORS 419B.020
  • 419B.024 Critical Incident Response Team for child fatality; rules
  • 419B.025 Immunity of person making report in good faith
  • 419B.028 Photographing child during investigation; photographs as records
  • 419B.035 Confidentiality of records; when available to others
  • 419B.040 Certain privileges not grounds for excluding evidence in court proceedings on child abuse
  • 419B.045 Investigation conducted on public school premises; notification; role of school personnel
  • 419B.050 Authority of health care provider to disclose information; immunity from liability



  • 419B.090 Juvenile court; jurisdiction; policy
  • 419B.100 Jurisdiction; bases; Indian children
  • 419B.110 Emergency medical care; court may authorize
  • 419B.112 Court appointed special advocate; duties; immunity; access to information; funding; rules
  • 419B.116 Intervention; caregiver relationship; rights of limited participation
  • 419B.117 Notice to parents or guardian of child; when given; contents
  • 419B.121 Return of runaway children to another state
  • 419B.124 Transfer to juvenile court from another court
  • 419B.127 Transfer to court of county of child or ward’s residence
  • 419B.130 Delegation of jurisdiction by county of residence
  • 419B.132 Delegation of jurisdiction among county juvenile courts
  • 419B.135 Transfer of case; transportation of child or ward

(Protective Custody)

  • 419B.150 When protective custody authorized; disposition of runaway child taken into protective custody
  • 419B.155 Protective custody not arrest
  • 419B.157 Jurisdiction attaches at time of custody
  • 419B.160 Place of detention; record; parental notice required
  • 419B.165 Release of child taken into custody
  • 419B.168 Procedure when child is not released
  • 419B.171 Report required when child is taken into custody
  • 419B.175 Initial disposition of child taken into custody

(Shelter Hearings)

  • 419B.180 Shelter and detention facilities

(Placement of Child or Ward)

  • 419B.192 Placement of child or ward; preference given to relatives and caregivers; written findings of court required


  • 419B.195 Appointment of counsel for child or ward; access of appointed counsel to records of child or ward
  • 419B.198 Responsibility for payment of costs related to provision of appointed counsel for child or ward
  • 419B.201 Compensation for court-appointed counsel for child or ward under ORS 135.055
  • 419B.205 Appointment of counsel for parent or legal guardian
  • 419B.208 Other law applicable to appointment of counsel
  • 419B.211 Motion to withdraw as counsel

(Educational Surrogate)

  • 419B.223 Duties and tenure of surrogate
  • 419B.230 [1993 c.33 §85; 1993 c.546 §39; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]

(Guardian Ad Litem for Parent)

  • 419B.231 Appointment; hearing; findings
  • 419B.233 [1993 c.33 §87; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.234 Qualifications; duties; privilege
  • 419B.236 [1993 c.33 §88; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.237 Duration of appointment; compensation
  • 419B.239 [1993 c.33 §89; 1993 c.546 §40; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.242 [1993 c.33 §90; 1993 c.546 §41; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.265 [1993 c.33 §93; 1993 c.546 §44; 1995 c.273 §21; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.268 [1993 c.33 §94; 1993 c.295 §3; 1993 c.546 §45; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.271 [1993 c.33 §95; 1993 c.295 §4; 1993 c.546 §46; 1995 c.273 §22; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.274 [1993 c.33 §96; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.277 [1993 c.33 §97; 1993 c.546 §47; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]


  • 419B.305 When hearing must be held; continuation; priority
  • 419B.317 [1993 c.33 §102; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]


  • 419B.325 Disposition required; evidence
  • 419B.328 Ward of the court; duration of wardship
  • 419B.331 When protective supervision authorized; conditions that may be imposed
  • 419B.337 Commitment to custody of Department of Human Services
  • 419B.340 Reasonable or active efforts determination
  • 419B.343 Recommendations of committing court; case planning; plan contents
  • 419B.349 Court authority to review placement
  • 419B.350 [1997 c.873 §15; 1999 c.859 §13; repealed by 2001 c.686 §25]
  • 419B.352 Hospitalization; mental health examination


  • 419B.365 Permanent guardianship; petition; when filed; procedure
  • 419B.366 Guardianship; motion; procedure
  • 419B.367 Letters of guardianship; reports by guardian; review of reports; legal status and liability of guardian
  • 419B.368 Review, modification or vacation of guardianship order
  • 419B.370 [1993 c.33 §114; 1993 c.367 §3; 2003 c.229 §10; 2003 c.396 §64; renumbered 419B.372 in 2013]

(Legal Custodian of Child)

  • 419B.372 Guardianship as incident of custody
  • 419B.373 Duties and authority of legal custodian


  • 419B.376 Duties and authority of guardian

(Authority Over Parents)

  • 419B.387 Parent participation in treatment or training
  • 419B.389 Inability of parent to comply with order of court


  • 419B.395 Judgment of paternity or nonpaternity


  • 419B.400 Authority to order support; collection
  • 419B.404 Support for child or ward in state financed or supported institution
  • 419B.406 Assignment of support order to state
  • 419B.420 [1993 c.33 §126; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.423 [1993 c.33 §127; 1993 c.546 §125; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.426 [1993 c.33 §128; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]

(Reports by Guardians and Custodians)

  • 419B.440 Circumstances requiring reports
  • 419B.449 Review hearing by court; findings
  • 419B.452 Distribution of report by court

(Child Surrendered for Adoption)

(Permanency Hearing)

  • 419B.476 Conduct of hearing; court determinations; orders

(Termination of Parental Rights)

  • 419B.498 Termination of parental rights; petition by Department of Human Services; when required
  • 419B.500 Termination of parental rights generally
  • 419B.502 Termination upon finding of extreme conduct
  • 419B.504 Termination upon finding of unfitness
  • 419B.506 Termination upon finding of neglect
  • 419B.508 Termination upon finding of abandonment
  • 419B.510 Termination upon finding child conceived as result of rape
  • 419B.515 [1993 c.33 §143; 1993 c.546 §57; repealed by 2001 c.622 §57]
  • 419B.518 Appointment of counsel for parents
  • 419B.521 Conduct of termination hearing
  • 419B.527 Disposition of ward after termination
  • 419B.529 Adoption after permanent commitment or surrender; procedure; certain fees prohibited
  • 419B.530 Representation by Attorney General

(Emancipation of Minor)

  • 419B.550 Definitions for ORS 419B.550 to 419B.558
  • 419B.552 Application for emancipation judgment; effect of judgment
  • 419B.555 Hearing; notice to parent; duty to advise minor of liabilities of emancipated person; filing fee
  • 419B.558 Entry of judgment of emancipation


  • 419B.800 Applicability of ORS 419B.800 to 419B.929
  • 419B.806 Consolidation; when required; procedures
  • 419B.809 Petition; contents; form; dismissal
  • 419B.812 Issuance of summons; time for hearing on petition
  • 419B.815 Summons for proceeding to establish jurisdiction under ORS 419B.100; contents; failure to appear
  • 419B.816 Notice to person contesting petition to establish jurisdiction
  • 419B.818 Form of summons under ORS 419B.815
  • 419B.819 Summons for proceeding to establish permanent guardianship or terminate parental rights; contents; failure to appear
  • 419B.820 Notice to parent contesting petition to establish permanent guardianship or terminate parental rights
  • 419B.821 [2001 c.622 §8; 2003 c.230 §1; renumbered 419B.823 in 2003]
  • 419B.822 Form of summons under ORS 419B.819
  • 419B.827 Responsibility for costs of service of summons and travel expenses of party summoned
  • 419B.833 Proof of service of summons or mailing
  • 419B.836 Effect of error in summons or service of summons
  • 419B.839 Required and discretionary summons
  • 419B.842 When arrest warrant authorized
  • 419B.845 Restraining order when child abuse alleged
  • 419B.851 Service of process; filing; proof of service
  • 419B.854 Computing statutory time periods
  • 419B.866 Signing pleadings required; effect of signing or not signing
  • 419B.869 Responding to pleadings; time limit
  • 419B.875 Parties to proceedings; rights of limited participation; status of grandparents; interpreters
  • 419B.876 Visitation or other contact between grandparent and ward; findings; order; appeal
  • 419B.878 Applicability of Indian Child Welfare Act
  • 419B.881 Disclosure; scope; when required; exceptions; breach of duty to disclose
  • 419B.887 Objections at depositions; effect of failure to make timely objection; errors and irregularities in transcript preparation
  • 419B.890 Dismissal of petition at end of petitioner’s case; settlement conference
  • 419B.896 Subpoena for production of books, papers, documents and other tangible things
  • 419B.905 Subpoena of incarcerated witness
  • 419B.914 Proceeding when person entitled to service is not summoned and is not before court
  • 419B.917 [2001 c.622 §31; repealed by 2003 c.205 §12 (419B.918 enacted in lieu of 419B.917)]
  • 419B.923 Modifying or setting aside order or judgment
  • 419B.926 Stay of order or judgment pending appeal
  • 419B.929 Enforcement of certain orders and judgments


  • 419B.950 Educational program regarding federal and state adoption and child welfare laws; establishment; purpose